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About Us

Radio Warrington C.I.C. is a not- for- profit organisation, run and operated by unpaid volunteers. We broadcast on 1332AM and online.


Why have we set it up?

We set up in March 2007 because we wanted to offer people in Warrington the chance to get involved with a 24 hour radio station and learn radio skills, particularly disadvantaged or disabled people.We love to talk about all that is great about our home town

Where is Radio Warrington based ?

As we are a Community Radio station, our main studios are in Warrington Indoor Market in the town centre. People are welcome to pop in and visit us with their community news and projects.

Is Radio Warrington going to be available on my FM radio?

Several years ago, Ofcom announced that they will not be granting any new FM licences as the FM band is very crowded in our area so they granted us a licence to broadcast on 1332 AM (medium wave)

What opportunities does Radio Warrington offer?

If you live in Warrington and would like to get involved with your local community radio station we are keen to hear from you.

Training for local radio presenters & sports reporters of all ages and abilities
Training to record interviews and how to edit them.
Training for local radio news journalism.
Opportunities for people to help out on a radio station.
Involvement in our many outside broadcasts.
Facilities for local musicians to record their music for broadcast.
Access for all members of the community to produce programming which would not otherwise be made or broadcast by local radio stations but is nevertheless important to the Warrington community.

We are also keen to hear from local sports fans to join our sports team.

How can I get involved?

Anyone who lives in or around Warrington can get involved. Send us an email (via the contact page) and we will arrange a time when you can visit our studios for a look around and we can discuss what you might want to do.

What if I have an idea for a radio programme?

Again, get in touch with us via the contact page

What music do we play?

We play well known songs by well known artists, ranging from the 60’s right up to date and we play a far larger variety of musical styles. Our music library does not suffer from the constraints of other local radio stations who choose to select from a much smaller music library. We currently run 6 specialist shows that feature music that has been popular in Warrington over the years.

Importantly we also integrate a lot of these specialist genres into our daily output to keep it interesting. As most of us work in the bars and clubs of Warrington we are made well aware of the music that is popular in the town and have applied this to our playlist. We also showcase local bands and artists and regularly welcome them into our studios to talk to us about their music.

How is Radio Warrington different?

We are a Community Radio station which is different from a local commercial radio station and we try to offer an alternative to what is already there on other stations. As an AM medium wave station, our output contains a lot more speech. We give out reliable regular traffic information, what’s ons and local news items. We get out into the community to do outside broadcasts and invite local people into our studios to talk about their projects.

We have intentionally set about serving and involving members of the community by producing programming which other stations have chosen not to make.

We offer training to all Warrington people, regardless of experience, age or disabilities.

We intend to present discussion programmes on a regular basis with local people discussing local issues. We also intend to present a regular live showcase of local music.

All of our programming output comes from our studios in Warrington (including evenings and overnight) with none of it piped in from other parts of the country. We believe that all of this makes us different from what is being offered by other local radio stations. Since our local commercial radio station moved its studios from Warrington to Wigan we are now the only public radio station in Warrington!

Teaching Radio Skills

We have also begun a programme of training for broadcasters. In the past, new presenters would get their experience by broadcasting on late evening or overnight slots. Most other radio stations now take a central network feed during these hours, so the opportunities for new broadcasters to practice their craft are rare. Radio Warrington has many experienced presenters who will teach these potential broadcasters and then allocate the necessary air-time to practice and learn.

How will we serve the community better?

Warrington is a large town with well over 200,000 residents and there is always plenty going on. Unfortunately very few of these events are publicised on local radio or other media. Radio Warrington currently promotes any event in Warrington that it is made aware of and invites all local organisations and charities to forward details of these events to us (See the What’s On section under News & Events on this website).

Equally there is a lot of musical talent in this area and we like to showcase this on the radio. We have had most of Warrington’s leading bands into our studio to discuss and play their music.

We will continue doing many outside broadcasts in the Warrington area involving as many local people as we can. Given the resources we will support local charities, especially those which help people with confidence or communication difficulties.We also work closely with the local colleges and universities to offer up and coming broadcasters real radio experiences.

How does Radio Warrington make its money?

Everyone at Radio Warrington pays a small membership fee of £5 each month which not only keeps us ticking over but also demonstrates a dedication to the station.

We charge a nominal fee to carry out roadshows and outside broadcasts. This makes enough money for us to pay our bills, run the studios and the outside broadcast van. We have also been fortunate to have been granted some funding from local community-minded businesses and organisations to help us with recent projects such as our new studios,our transmitter station and our outside broadcast trailer known as “The Cube”.

Can we advertise our business on Radio Warrington 1332AM?

There will be a limited amount of opportunities for local businesses to advertise on Radio Warrington. Please contact


How can we listen to Radio Warrington?

In Warrington and the surrounding area you can hear us on 1332AM. Anyone with internet access can hear Radio Warrington in digital stereo by going to and clicking on the Listen Live buttons.

If you have a smartphone you can download an app called Tune In Radio and then search and save Radio Warrington in your favourites.

If you have wireless internet you can buy an internet radio (also known as WiFi radio) which picks up from your wireless internet box and allows you to listen to thousands of internet radio stations across the world (including Radio Warrington)

If you have an internet enabled smart TV, look for an Internet Radio app such as Tune In Radio or vTuner, search for Radio Warrington and save it in your favourites so that you can listen to Radio Warrington on your TV.

The History of Radio Warrington

Radio Warrington began in March 2007 from a spare bedroom in Lathom Ave in Orford by three local radio DJ’s to provide broadcast opportunities for local people and create a truly local community radio station. Originally called Radio WORM (Warrington’s Online Radio Media) they soon found several like-minded individuals to provide a 24 hour a day service on the internet. In July that year Ofcom invited applications for FM licenses. Radio WORM was rejected that time due to its short track record and a lack of FM frequencies.

We changed our name to Radio Warrington and set up studios firstly in the Warrington Disabilitiy Partnership’s base in Sankey and then moved to Cinnamon Brow Farm before settling in Warrington Market in 2015.

In July 2014 we were approved for an AM broadcast licence.

AM broadcasting on medium wave is very complicated and involves the construction of a large aerial and transmitter station. We needed approval from the planning department who required specialist certification and detailed plans. However, in October we were granted planning permission to build on land owned by United Utilities in Great Sankey..Radio-Warrington.gif

After Ofcom announced that there was no more room on the FM band, the station was approved to broadcast on AM in 2014 and have been struggling with the technical complexities and legal regulations associated with medium wave broadcasting.

Steve Lewis, one of the station managers said: “Broadcasting on the AM medium wave band is far more complicated and expensive than on FM, but we have been very fortunate to have enlisted the support of some very community-minded individuals, groups and businesses and all of our efforts are now coming together.

“We were struggling to find a suitable piece of land close to the centre of town for our transmitter site but United Utilities came to the rescue and provided an ideal location.

Community radio is very different to commercial radio giving broadcast opportunities to local people regardless of age, experience or abilities.

We are keen to hear from any Warrington people who might want to get involved, particularly those who have a good knowledge of the town”.

Radio Warrington is run and staffed by unpaid volunteers and is a community interest company. If you would like to get involved, email, phone 01925 555110 or pop into the studios in Warrington Market for more information.