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Llew Garner


What’s Your Name:

Llewellyn Garner but commonly known as Llew.

What’s your Star Sign?


What Shows do you present & What time is it on?

 Blues Soul Country Rock ‘n’ Roll.  Every Tuesday evening 6pm-8pm 

Do you have a Favourite style of music?

I like all styles of music including classical but favourites are Blues Soul Country and vintage Rock ‘n’ Roll and 60’s music.

Other than working on Radio Warrington, Do you have a Skilled Full time Occupation?

 Yes I am a Chartered Financial Planner and proprietor of Stanway financial Solutions bases at Warrington Business Park. I also have Llewellyn Garner Training.

Are you a fan of any sport?

Rugby League, Rugby Union and Aussie Rules.  Sorry, only been to 4 football matches in my life.

Do you like to cook? and What’s your favourite Food & Drink?

Not allowed anywhere near a cooker! I can just about make a round of toast using a toasting machine. My favourite food is full English breakfast (when allowed) and favourite drink is a pint of Marston’s Pedigree.

More about you – Hobbies, Interests

My main interest outside work and radio is photography which I have liked since having my first camera at age 12. I am a member of the Warrington & District Camera Club.

Any interesting facts about you?

I presented my first radio programme at age 17 and spent about 28 years in hospital radio between two different locations. In the late 60’s early 70’s I had a mobile disco specializing in weddings and corporate events. I also dj’d at various clubs in Warrington & the North West playing mainly soul music and rock n roll. With two friends we started one of the first soul clubs in Warrington. My son’s volunteered me to be part of a knife throwing act in Golden Square. Different but survived.

Any Other information you’d like to Share?

 I am a member of the Independent Blues Broadcasters Association (IBBA) which is a group of radio presenters who promote and broadcast Blues music.

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