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Mickey Hall


What’s Your Name?

Mickey Hall

What’s your Star Sign?


What Shows do you present & What time is it on?

The Rock Show: Every Thursday at 8pm

Do you have a Favourite style of music?

Rock (obviously), but I also love funk, blues, jazz, and anything decent. Good music is good music, no matter what style.

Other than working on Radio Warrington, Do you have a Skilled Full time Occupation?

I am a musician, and work full-time as a guitar/bass/ukulele teacher, along with gigging/recording in several bands and projects.

Are you a fan of any sport?


Do you like to cook? and What’s your favourite Food & Drink?

I try my hand at Curries and Mexican food; and you can definitely never go wrong with Italian food. Drink? I enjoy my real ales and craft beers.

Any Hobbies or Interests?

Drawing, Painting, Cycling.

Any interesting facts about you?

I can do passable impressions of all four of The Beatles.
I’m told I have the hand-writing of a pensioner.

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