Here, in no particular order, are the pets who were entered into Radio Warrington’s Most Beloved Pet Competition, organised in conjunction with Jollyes to celebrate the grand opening of their Warrington pet store on on 27th May 2023. The overall winner was Smokey the cat and the runner-ups were dogs Scooby and Rocky. However, as we said to everyone who entered their pets at the time, with animals like these in your lives, everyone was a winner!


This is Maisie. She is our 5 year old Italian Spinone. She is very sad since we lost our other Spinone…her great auntie…to stomach cancer in November. If we won a voucher, we would buy her some lovely toys and things in Jollyes. (Fi Tommo)


Hello Radio Warrington! I’d like to enter my cat Milo into your pet competition. Milo is 10 years old and we’ve had him since he was 2. Milo is the friendliest cat you’ll ever meet. He’s great with our two daughters and he loves food, attention and lots of cuddles. Milo has a bit of a strange habit though – he likes to bring home strange things as gifts for us. We’ve had sponges, cardboard packets, rubber seals and the occasion live frog and moth that he’s then let go inside the house! He’s made the Daily Mail’s website, the front page of Reddit and various other websites with his shenanigans! (Kat Downs).


This is Lily. She was rescued from Eastern Europe by the wonderful charity SAVE OUR SPANIELS RESCUE and has been living her best life with me in Warrington for the last 6 years. She was a street dog and her past does still affect her behaviour but she’s a sweetie. Loves treats and belly rubs – squirrels not so much! (Nicola Lee).


I’d like to share a story and picture of our slightly naughty but very cute cat Dexter. Despite a difficult start in life, finding himself at the shelter and being frightened of everything (even his own shadow) he has become a much loved member of our household. His cheerful manner whilst scratching the carpet at 4am can’t help but be admired! As can his demands for breakfast, dinner and his biscuit bowl being filled up whenever he sees fit! His favourite pastimes include rubbing everything to make it his, head butting us in the back of the head when we are watching tv and gleefully taunting the neighbours dog. Even with all these activities he still manages to find time to send sunshine (and house warming cards) to our lovely friend June. Despite our appointed status as his servants, we really couldn’t be happier that this fluffy, squeaky one came into our lives! (Laura & Ryan Sharrock).


This is our beloved beautiful cocker spaniel “Woody” he’s changed our family life by giving our eldest daughter the confidence she needs to become a dog lover. Having been terrified for years, now Woody has completed our family and Lottie has learnt to love him, and no longer had the fear! Being only 10 months old, he’s still a playful pup! (Lauren Kennedy).


So here is a memory that was the funniest moment ever, I have a one year old Cavachon known as Dolly Mixture. One day we were babysitting my little cousin, all I remember is the baby bursting out crying while in her bouncy chair, me wondering what was going on as a concerned adult. I turned around and Dolly the Dummy Robber had taken the baby’s dummy. She was pretty satisfied with herself! With regards to the gift card, if we win Dolly would like to donate it to Carla Lane’s dog shelter in Liverpool if to buy some goodies for the dogs who need it more than Dolly does!!  I hope these pictures make you smile, they certainly are one of our favourite moments although I don’t think the baby would agree! (Danielle Owen).


I would like to enter my cockpoo Tucker Jones into the competition. Tucker has been my saviour since he came home with me in July 2020. He has got me through the death of my dad and brother in 2021-2022, and various lockdowns.  I love nothing better than going off for a walk and play in the local park on those bad days. He is now allowed into work with me, where he is classed as a mental health animal, where he comes to the office giving kisses and hugs to everyone in return for treats. When he is in the office, he makes so many people smile and makes the day go quickly. He even has a work pass to allow him into the office and he is officially a very good boy. And he just loves balls. We have to have 2 balls on any trip, one to throw and one for him to fetch. And if he was to win he would love to go and spend all the money on new balls for his pool party. Some days there is nothing better than getting home, curling up on the sofa to a Tucker Cuddle (Janet Jones).


Good morning, I’d like to enter my two boys Loki and Leo into your competition. They were born in Warrington Animal Welfare and that was their home for nearly six months as no one wanted them and they had very little interest during that time. Myself and my partner wanted to rescue a pair of cats and weren’t bothered about gender/age, we just wanted the pair that had been there the longest or were the least likely to be adopted. As soon as we met Loki and Leo it was love at first sight and I’m still baffled to this day as to why no one wanted them. They’re the very best thing that happened to us and they have so much love to give.They love playing in the garden, sleeping on our bed and taking up the whole couch. They have lots of toys but they much prefer leaves and feathers they’ve found and brought in from the garden, so we rarely have a tidy house but it’s so worth it!
(Hannah Maxwell).


This is Rocky – my best friend. I’m his third owner and he’s been with me for coming up to nearly three years.  I used to fly long haul so couldn’t have a friend like this. We found him on a website of preloved things between an advert of a trampoline and some old trainers . After his initial barking it was love at first sight. Loved by me always he has changed my life. He’s also a regular and very much loved customer at the London Bridge! P.S. He doesn’t go there on his own! (Alan Ditchfield).


Here are Ted and Minnie, my pair of lovely Yorkies. Ted is 8 years old now, but for the first 4 years of his life he suffered from anxiety, so I introduced little Minnie to our household and she has changed his life for the better!! They are inseparable. She is the boss! She steals his bone every night!…. and he lets her do it! They snuggle up together every day.(Jan Seddon).


This is Scooby our Hungarian Wire Haired Vizsla, a gentle soul who has given us comfort and happiness following the loss of our only son. He never ceases to amaze me with his patience and loyalty and not letting us out of his sight. Above all…….he makes us laugh. Scooby is so special. (Sheila and Derek Nesbitt).


It’s Jo here. I am the Learning & Safeguarding Coordinator at Walton Lea Partnership and I had to just enter our cat Smokey who is loved by all of our Learners.  She provides pet therapy when we all need it the most, she just seems to know when you need a bit of calmness.  As we open up in a morning, she’ll happily wander around with you whilst you unlock the site and honestly, I swear she was a dog in a previous life except we’ve saved money on not buying her a lead! Smokey has also been very valuable to everyone as we’ve had to teach our Learners how to care for her, how to not overfeed her, to clean her bowls every time, how to stroke her properly, when she just wants space or even a tummy tickle and even how to deal with the presents she brings us from time to time.  That responsibility of how to care for a small animal, is a great achievement for our Learners. (Jo McClure). 


I would like to enter my pet dog Milo into your beloved pet competition. Milo really helped pull me out of a dark place. He makes each day enjoyable and we love spending lots of time outdoor going on ‘walkies’. He is a 19-month-old Daug (Dachshund cross pug). He’s playful, friendly, funny, and VERY clever little daug. Sometimes, as you can see from the picture, I think he thinks he’s some kind of meerkat too! Milo loves to model for pictures for his Instagram page and enjoys training with his fury friends. (Stephanie Muckle).


This is Pablo, he was a stray in Fuertventura. He came to live with us when he was about 18 months old. He has some of his tail missing and we have no idea of the traumas he faced when living on the streets. What we do know is that he is the most gentle and loving boy. He loves his cat brother Kit, cat sister Missy and dog brother Jarvis. (Angela Porter).

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