Deana Soni

Which show(s) do you host?

I host Radio Warrington’s ‘Ready for the Weekend’ show on Friday’s 6-8pm. There’s nothing quite like that Friday feeling and I’m here to play you music to match that Friday mood! 


What is your background?

I used to be a teacher but now I’m a presenter, journalist and live host. I left graphs and rulers behind to pursue my passion – music and storytelling through digital media. It’s been eight years since I took that leap and I am proud to say I have produced viral videos, hosted live events and worked with brands like Disney, Formula E and Netflix! 


Why is music your passion?

Music and storytelling through digital media is my passion. It’s like I have two personalities: one that really loves music and how it can completely change the mood in a room and the other which is super inquisitive and wants to tell stories about the world we live in. 



Why Radio Warrington?

In 2023 I married my husband who is from Warrington and he refused to move to London! I used to host a show in London and finding a new station was the first thing on my list. So here I am and I am beyond excited to be part of Radio Warrington!

Tell us something interesting about you?

I don’t like this question because it makes me realise that I am quite boring. If I had to pick something, I have been featured in quite a few Middle Eastern and North African media outlets for ‘championing musicians from the region’ on my former radio show. 


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