Eve Jean

Which show(s) do you host?

I host the ‘Sounds Around Town’ local music show every second and fourth Sunday of the month, 12-2pm.

What is your background?

Born and raised in Great Sankey, I have been singing since I was about 12 and have been writing my own songs since 18. I’m so glad Warrington has the music scene it does. I don’t know where I’d be without it.

Why is music your passion?

I have always loved the indie scene and love performance and songwriting. My own music actually got me involved with the scene here in Warrington (which I didn’t know there was much of) and it amazed me! I want my show to help to reveal and celebrate the music hub in Warrington.


Why Radio Warrington?

I saw an advert online that there was a space for a local music show and I jumped at it. I love Warrington, radio AND music, so it seemed like a perfect fit..

Tell us something interesting about you?

I’ve recently been in a press lounge with half the cast of Coronation Street because the other camera man phoned in sick with covid… weird to see them off screen.

More information

My music and other information about me can be found here: https://linktr.ee/EveJean

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