Gordon Gandy

Which show(s) do you host?

The “MyWarrington Radio Show” on Friday afternoons 12 noon til 3pm which is repeated on Sundays 12 noon til 3pm. I also sometimes work with Kenny O’Dea on his Tuesday evening show which goes out between 8pm-10pm.

What is your background?

I was invited! I had created the mywarrington.me.uk website in 2005 which some presenters were using extracts from on their shows and then the station manager had a brilliant idea – let’s get the editor of the website to present a show that is perfect for community radio. I joined in 2012. I must say I had no qualifications whatsoever in radio presentation or production before joining, although public speaking was second nature to me.

Why is music your passion?

I was brought up on national radio and then local radio. My favourite music period is the 1970s/1980s rock and pop, with a bit of easy listening too. Jean Michel Jarre and Mike Oldfield are my favourite musicians. I picked up techniques on linking music together but never dreamed I would sit behind the microphone.

Why Radio Warrington?

Radio Warrington does things differently. They get right to the heart of the community using local presenters chatting about local issues. I have been active in the community throughout my life, first in youth work and later with senior citizens, so I get a buzz out of chatting to a broad range of people.

Tell us something interesting about you?

As a child I got chased around a caravan site by a pig that escaped from a nearby farmers field, resulting in me diving into the caravan without touching the step!

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