Gordon James

Which show(s) do you host?

At the time of writing I present four shows – the ‘Made It Thru Monday’ show (Mondays 6pm-8pm), the Tuesday afternoon show (12noon-3pm), the Kick Up The Eighties Show (Sundays 8pm-10pm) and on Fridays I present four to six hours of floor fillers, old skool & big breeze dance classics from the 2000s (Breeze bar is a night club where I worked).

What is your background?

It all started in 1978 when I was 18. A friend of mine used to do DJ at a pub in Cinnamon Brow and I was a roadie for him. One night he had bad migraine and because my pet hate is letting people down I agreed to cover for him. I was a bag of nerves but I did the gig and ended up £20 better off.

Why is music your passion?

It’s my passion because when was a mobile DJ working in bars and pubs I felt like I was cheering people up by sitting next to them with a radio mic. and having a conversation with them. I wouldn’t go away until I found out what their favourite record was and then I’d spin it for them straight away. So my passion is the people and of course the music.

Why Radio Warrington?

I’ve worked with Radio Warrington’s station manager Steve Lewis for over 30 years as a DJ and installing sound and lighting systems.

Tell us something interesting about you?

I’ve never told this story before but I love my Marvel super hero jimjams and I can’t sleep without them. Many moons ago I had to go to Birmingham to do a sound & lighting installation and I took my brother in law along as a labourer. When I got to the digs we would be staying in for next week I opened my bag and guess what – no super hero jimjams! So I told my mate I’d forgotten some audio cable and drove 80 miles each way just to pick up my jimjams!

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