Lee Harman

Which show(s) do you host?

I co-present [WAM] Exposure with Mike Massey on Thursdays 6-8pm.

What is your background?

As editor of WAarringtonMusic.co.uk, I’ve seen so many great bands and artists come through the town and after presenting a short feature on a commercial station, I joined Mike in co-presenting a great show dedicated to local music!

Why is music your passion?

So many of my friends were in bands but it was never for me (due to a lack of talent rather than anything else), so I jumped at chance of doing something related. Music is a great uniter and local music is a key part of the town’s culture.

Why Radio Warrington?

Based in the town centre, Radio Warrington’s studios are just a short walk from many local establishments which is never a bad thing. Plus I’m proud to be from Warrington and want to see a thriving station in my town.

Tell us something interesting about you?

I’ve recently bought a DJ controller and am having to re-learn how to mix after previously using CDs. As well as editing [WAM], I ran the Asylum club night in Warrington which will hopefully make a return soon.

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