Nicole Barber-Lane

Which show(s) do you host?

I host “The Sunday Script” every third Sunday of the month between 12 noon and 2pm. It’s a show that uses music to help inspire us to be the writers of our own movie with a sprinkling of unprofessional advice from me! Think of me as one of those mates that knows a little bit about a lot of thingsf.



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What is your background?

As an actress I have been on and off the box for many years. I’ve appeared in all the Northern soaps including Hollyoaks where I played the matriach Myra McQueen and I’ve also had cameos in Emmerdale, Coronation Street and Doctors so there’s only Eastenders left to do! I also recently worked on the acclaimed BBC period drama The Gallows Pole.
Musically, I was a cabaret singer for several years performing as a solo artist and also as part of a duo called REZQ.



Why is music your passion?

The way I see it, music can lift the soul. The right piece of music can inspire you, make you move your body and even move you to tears. It can stir emotions like nothing else. That’s why I really think about each track I play. I know a song can help you remember an important moment in your life and transport you to places. Music is a time machine, a transportation, an inspiration and a comfort.



Why Radio Warrington?

Radio Warrington serves the community and I am grateful to have the opportunity to serve the community I live in.



Tell us something interesting about you?

It’s not exactly about me but I do believe it’s one of the most interesting things about me – one of my parents stepped onto English soil for the first time off a boat from India when they were 18 years old.




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